What Is the Offenders’ Program? Esperanza Shelter offers hope to domestic abuse offenders as well. Why? Because we want to break the cycle of violence. Most offenders (people who have abused others) were either abused as children or witnessed abuse while growing up. Those childhood experiences, while tragic, do not excuse abusive behavior.

Esperanza’s program helps offenders understand the pain and suffering caused by their abusive behavior, and helps them make changes in their lives. Most of the offenders are court-ordered into the program; however, some offenders realize they need help and call us directly. Offenders typically attend both individual and group counseling, led by an experienced advocate or counselor specially trained to work with offenders.

If you are an offender and want to change:  Call 505-474-5536 to register for the Offenders’ Program.

Esperanza charges a small fee for the Offenders’ Program; call for details.

Please note that Survivors’ counseling and Offenders’ counseling never occur on the same day at our Support Center.